At Oasis we offer one type of sunbed which is a Fast Tan sunbed. This sunbed is quick and easy to use, Fast tan sunbed gives you the perfect holiday look without having to worry about having any patches or marks.


We also do spray tans for people that want a quick and easy holiday look tan, with this we do a tester to match your colour. We also offer the choice of normal sun beds which also give you a perfect tan. Oasis tries to make sure that we match the right colour to your skin tone so that you get the perfect holiday look.

At  Oasis we like to make sure that you are happy with your spray tan, so when we do the tester we will ask you if you like the colour or whether you would like to go lighter or darker colour , this is so when you have had your spray tan done you are happy with the colour.


Spray Tanning
Fake Bake Spray Tan -
Dark £25.00
Original £25.00
Liquid Gold £25.00
60 minute Sports Tan £25.00
Sun Bed
Ergonline Fast Tan Sunbed -
3 mins £1.50
6 mins £2.50
9 mins £3.50
12 mins £4.50
60 minute course £20.00


 Cancellations: We require 24 hours notice otherwise a 50% charge of the treatment cost will apply