Lash in a flash gives you voluminous looking lashes which make them stand out and give your eyes a dramatic look. Lash in a flash are comfortable and are easy to wear, they normally last around two to three weeks. They need to be professionally removed so that the glue from the lashes has been removed.

Our semi-permanent lashes give a natural and striking look to make the eyes stand out. The semi-permanent lashes are ultra-light to wear and are professionally applied individually so that you get the perfect natural look.


Our professional team also can do maintenance on any of the lashes when they start to fall off after two to three weeks so that they last longer and you can keep your lashes looking beautiful. There is a patch test 48 hours before having any of the eyelashes done, so that we can make sure that you are not allergic to anything that we are using to apply the eyelashes.

Lashes O.A.P’s
Glamlash £30.00  £28.00
 Glitter and gem lashes from £35.00
Maintenance £25.00 £23.00
Party lashes £20.00 £18.00


Tinting & Perming O.A.P’s
Eyelash Tint £9.00 £8.50
Eyebrow Tint £8.00 £7.50
Lash & Brow Tint £14.00 £13.00
Eyelash Perm £26.00 £24.00
Eyelash Perm & Tint £29.00 £27.50

Cancellations: We require 24 hours notice otherwise a 50% charge of the treatment cost will apply